Welcome you my Scale goods site! I hope we can help in taking your scale build to the next level.

I offer everything form scale upgrades to inner fenders to truck stands and more.

I have also recently decided to offer 3D printing services. If you are looking to get something printed from online just send me a message and we can look at what pricing we are looking at.

Also you will notice at the top of the page you can buy directly from my site and off Etsy. I am looking to move all my designs over to Etsy as to make the checkout process easier and for you to have a more accurate shipping cost. Not only that but it makes it easier for international shipping and getting those shipping costs perfect.  

Thank you for your business and please send it photos of where you use my pieces as I would love to start adding customer photos to the site.

1/10 scale upgrades



I've been in to the RC hobby for more years then I can remember. From Onroad to Offroad racing I always loved it. That was until i found scale crawling and truck building. with always searching for that right part i started designing my own and figured while i'm at it i'll offer them up to everyone else at the same time!


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I am always open to new and custom design ideas. feel free to contact me for your next custom build and lets see what kind of awesome item we can come up with!